Witch Casket – Hatred Index

So I got turned on to WITCH CASKET about a month ago, and I really have to thank my friend Katy Irizarry over at Freeman Promotions for this recommendation. The band’s debut EP Hatred Index is out as we speak and believe me, it is five tracks of bludgeoning Melodic Blackened Death Metal. Originally conceived as a studio-only project, there is now a full line-up in place ready to come to your city and fuck your world up. You can feel it right away with the first two tracks “Hatred Index” and “That Damned Devil”, that’s for sure. They really show that this band has come to play, and that they’re not screwing around.

“Dawn Everlasting” has some killer drum work that swirls around the riffage, and it’s definitely my favorite of the bunch, with the vocals spitting fire from start to finish as well. “History of Violence” is all piss and vinegar, and I was expecting something to come crashing through my window any second while listening. Closing things out is “The True Knot” and it’s easily the most ambitious of the five tunes. Still, the vocals are vicious, and the riffage is just nasty, so good job there, boys!

When all’s said and done I really and truly enjoyed WITCH CASKET’S debut in Hatred Index. This is a band that I can see myself listening to for a long time. And I’m very, very anxious to see what they could deliver if given the opportunity to record a whole album’s worth of material. As I said before, these guys have a killer sound, and they know how to hit where it hurts. And quite frankly, you’d be crazy not to give them a listen two, three, or ten times.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Dawn Everlasting”, “History of Violence”, “That Damn Devil”

RATING: 4/5   

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