Human Cull – Revenant

So recently UK Grind trio HUMAN CULL saw fit to unleash album number two on the masses in the form of Revenant (out now, WOOAAARGH). Now I never heard 2014’s Stillborn Nation, so this was brand new territory for me. But I gotta tell ya, there is something about this band I really dig. I mean sure, the record has 16 songs, the longest of which, “Endless Purgatory” only clocks in at 2:14, but as I’ve said before this ain’t splittin’ atoms. This band gets in and out, fucks shit up, and leaves you wondering what the Hell just happened.

Some of the tracks that really got my attention were “Blood”, “The Butcher’s Nails”, “Baleful Foundation”, and “The Muzzle” (which wound up being my favorite). Other tunes managed to be heavy as fuck while packing a nasty punch, which should be expected, right? At the end of the day Revenant is one of those albums you put on REPEAT when you have to go move some heavy shit or are just in the mood to break some stuff. Before I knew it this thing had cycled through three times. And it’s safe to say I’m a HUMAN CULL fan now!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The Muzzle”, “Blood”, “Endless Purgatory”, “Think in Only Lies”, “Baleful Foundation”, “The Butcher’s Nails”

RATING: 8/10

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