Kobra And The Lotus And More Rock The Rail Club!! – Fort Worth, TX 6/1/18

I was looking forward to seeing KOBRA AND THE LOTUS. Our beloved editor The Maestro here at A&GS, told me that I had to get turned onto them posthaste. OK, never to be steered wrong, I jumped on it. With a distinct Nordic symphonic metal flare, these Canadians are making waves. Currently on tour with TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION on their Year of the Bull Tour, there was an exquisite lineup of bands at The Rail Club on June 1 in Fort Worth.

Early in the bill was GRANNY 4 BARREL.They were unlike any act I’d seen. From upstate New York, their shock rock presence on stage is quite entertaining. The “front woman” Granny (actually a dude in 1800’s granny clothes + rocking chair + cane), “The Butcher” six string Fender player was in a staged bloody apron, the “Chimney Sweep” on electric violin and your typical skins player in the back, have a great, in-your-face, neo-Victorian presence. If you ever wondered what VAN HALEN’S “Eruption” sounds like on electric violin, well wonder no more. It was the opener. I LOVED these guys. I can hardly wait for an album from them (I get dibs on review!!). “Freak Flag” and “Nitro Sexy” were two great songs.

Also from New York, and on the THC tour, is BRAND OF JULEZ. Founded in 2012, these guys are all killer musicians. Heavy solos and riffs, deep and driving bass guitar, these guys are hard core and a very solid band. Usually, when you have three warm up bands prior to the headliner (again, to me was KOBRA AND THE LOTUS), time usually drags on. Not here. All was set up and efficiently well done. With a max of 15 minutes between stage changes, time just flew and before I knew it, here came KOBRA.

Onstage, Kobra Paige’s presence is very obvious. With a great singing range, Paige’s vocal are more baritoned than most metal ladies I’ve heard in her spot. Well dressed and a great entertainer, she doesn’t dominate the show too much, but blends very well with the band. Kobra is definitely a performer and meshes with the rest of her bandmates, bringing a real class polished act. KOBRA AND THE LOTUS played many tunes off of their recent Prevail I and Prevail II albums. It was only a ten set song set list, but it seemed to last much longer as I dug every single tune. They have a great sound.

Of course the night ended with TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION. I was outta there after four songs. Even though they do have some real dedicated fans. Hell, even an elderly couple, wheelchair and walker bound, came to support them. That was cool. THC is not really my cup of tea, but many people like their stuff.

Being one of their last stops of the North American tour, I must give kudos to the bands and staff for getting everyone changed out so quickly between sets. Usually the fans are waiting for a long time between acts, but they were well organized. Also, praises to The Rail Club as they have greatly improved their lighting on the stage and made my job a bit easier.  Salude’.



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