Diamante – Coming In Hot

Coming In Hot is the name of DIAMANTE’S full length debut album, out now via Better Noise/Eleven Seven Music, and she couldn’t have picked a more fitting title. Over the course of 14 tracks we are treated to everything from kickass rockers to poignant ballads. Working with legendary producer Howard Benson, DIAMANTE says of the experience, “Howard really pushed me to be vulnerable and talk about things I was afraid to talk about.” She goes on, “I finally got the courage to be honest with my lyrics and myself. I want to be someone girls and guys growing up can relate to.”

The messages on the disc range from the empowering to the self-reflective. Songs like “F.L.A.G.” (Fight Like a Girl), and “Sound of Us” fully embody the essence of the former. Soaked in a “Take no shit and get the fuck out of my way!” attitude you’d be wise to do as you’re told and step aside. The title track is a great way to start the party, drinks in hand and shots at the ready, while “Had Enough” has this serpentine riff that wraps itself around your head on both the verses and the chorus. A change of pace comes in “Sorry”, a slow, moody affair that is a perfect example of the soul-searching I alluded to earlier. As an added bonus we get a Spanish version at the end of the record, “Lo Siento.” Both are excellent, by the way.

“Haunted” is one of those tracks tailor-made for your gym or running playlist, and “Kind of Love” is a dirty little number dripping with sex appeal. With lyrics like “Fuck my safe word, don’t you stop” DIAMANTE simply owns it. She’s not afraid to be sexual. Hell, she’s an adult, why should she be? Switching gears once again “Black Heart” is one of my absolute favorites. The music is beautiful, and the lyrics describe in detail the pain that comes with a break-up and the hurt, the missing that person, that comes with it. Haven’t we all been there? Wearing their T-shirt or hoodie, playing certain songs over and over as we’re curled up in a ball crying till we think we have no tears left? This just might be one of THE most relatable songs I’ve ever heard.

I got a distinct SKILLET feel from “Sleepwalking” which is fine because I’m a huge fan of that band. Another strong riff permeates “Bulletproof” and “War Cry” will no doubt have you wanting to get up on the nearest car’s roof and howl into the night sky. Yet another strong track. “Definitely Not in Love” was my other favorite from day one. With an AVRIL LAVIGNE circa 2007 vibe and a fast tempo this one warrants REPEAT listens, no question. All told Coming In Hot was worth the wait, and DIAMANTE has a debut album that she can be super-proud of, not just in the here and now, but for years to come. And she really is someone that young girls and guys could and should look to as a role model, because she’s doing it right.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Definitely Not In Love”, “F.L.A.G.”, “Lo Siento”, “Kind of Love”, “Black Heart”, “Haunted”

RATING: 9/10

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