Display Of Decay – Art In Mutilation

It’s been nearly three years since Canadian Death Metal band DISPLAY OF DECAY graced our ears with a new album. If you ask me that is far too long. Because these guys have everything an extreme metal fan could want in spades: buzzsaw riffs? Check. A vocalist who sounds like he eats children and washes them down with broken glass? Check. Add to this a monster rhythm section that holds it all together in thunderous fashion and it’s a recipe for greatness. As I’ve said before, I got on this train back in 2015, and that year’s release Dust of Existence still riles me the fuck up when I put it on. Now we have brand new disc Art In Mutilation (out now, Gore House Productions) to go off and break shit to.

Right Out of the Gate “Unable to Identify” sets the hellacious tone for what’s coming over the next eight tracks. Guitarist Sean Watson clearly means business and on this record he’s like a man possessed. “Forced Frontal Lobotomy” was an instant favorite not only because it was our first taste of the new stuff, but the violent aggression found here, especially at the hands of drummer Avery Desmarais and bassist Jacob Maisonneuve is real gut-punching stuff. Watson also lets fly with one of the best solos I’ve heard from him so far. The rat-tat-tat start to “Living Monolith” is a perfect backdrop to Jessy Leduc’s fire-breathing dragon vocals and the whole thing basically throws grenades through your living room windows.

And now we come to my absolute runaway favorite on this whole thing…title track “Art In Mutilation.” Leduc sounds like he’s already feasted on the flesh and bone of the living and wants more, Desmarais and Maisonneuve are in full lockstep, and once again Watson unsheathes his blade and goes for the jugular. This one is gonna be my next ringtone for damn sure! Bringing the hammer down again and again on your skull is the one-two of “Condemned to Ash” and “Mortuary of Decay”, and “Decimate” is one of those songs that just goes for broke and quite frankly throws the kitchen sink at your fucking head.

Closer “Human Harvest” is another gem in that it gets your blood pumping and chest thumping. It’s a short one at 2:30, but no less hard-hitting than the previous seven tunes before it. So here’s what happened, okay? DISPLAY OF DECAY took what made them great last time around and made it better with Art of Mutilation. They were already a killer fucking band, but this album is near perfect. You get eight tracks of Death Metal madness, and when it’s all over, believe me, you’re just gonna hit REPEAT to relive the whole thing again and again. This is an excellent effort from a group whose stock will only continue to rise in the world of extreme metal. You done good, boys!!


RATING: 9.5/10

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