Nonpoint – X

After twenty years of sold out shows and full-length albums, NONPOINT has come out with their latest offering, X (August 24, Spinefarm Records). This one seriously blew me away. I thought every song had a fantastic sound with heart and soul that delivered truth; truth about how messed up our society can be at times, but also positive messages about strength and making your own destiny. I started listening to these guys a few years ago, when I heard their song “Breaking Skin” on SiriusXM. From that point on I was hooked and they became one of my favorite bands.

The first song “Empty Batteries” starts off with an eerie sound. It’s like being in a horror movie and you know something is approaching. The momentum starts to build up, all of sudden you hear ripping guitars and a tight beat. This song is everything, from a hell of a blood beating sound, with a message of reaching down and following your dream, instead of waiting around for something to happen. “Chaos & Earthquakes” was instantly my favorite. I love how right away you hear vocalist Elias Soriano’s cool rap vibes as he rolls the lyrics off his tongue. It’s so in your face!! The song touches on the effect of social media and what’s put in front of us.

“Fix This” starts slowly in a hushed vocal. It then builds up to a chorus that has you singing along. “Crashing” has a nice touch of piano playing right from the start. Robb Rivera’s forceful drum beats make this song amazing, there is heart and it can be heard in Soriano’s vocals as well. “Passive Aggressive” begins with a really cool a cappella. I actually liked it, because it’s different than what you are used to. “Dodge Your Destiny” comes at you with punches. It’s fast, it’s heavy and intense. The vocals are sharp and the drum beats make me think of a speed bag going a hundred miles an hour. The middle of the song breaks down, with a kickass grooving down and dirty hip hop sound.

Soriano’s incredible vocals implanted the words “Dodge Your Destiny” in my brain. “Wheel Against Will” is all drumming in the beginning then comes in the guitar riffs. Again, in this one you can hear grooving beats matched with Soriano’s vocals. The best is the guitar solo in the middle of the song, and how it goes off, bringing in the sick vocals. “Milestone” starts off with Adam Woloszyn’s heavy bass chords, giving it a deep rooted sound. I was digging this song. “Feel This Way I Feel” is soulful and sexy. For anyone that has dealt with a difficult person, you will relate to this track for sure. The times when you have been upset, or pissed, and you blame your feelings on another person’s actions, we have all been there.

Closer “Position One,” the lyrics flow poetically, and it left me thinking about the cycles we go through in this life. What is holding me back from breaking free of a situation that no longer serves me? We can all move forward and that’s what I loved about this song. Overall, X is by far one of 2018’s best albums! I just have to say, “Wow!” Seriously, there are so many positive messages off this album and many different elements, as well as poetic undertones.As I said before, this record seriously blew me away. Every song truly resonated with me. And most of all it is heavy! Pick up your copy of X today, you will totally dig it!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Chaos and Earthquakes”, “Dodge Your Destiny”,  “Empty Batteries”

RATING: 9/10


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