Stone Sour Rocks Jiffy Lube Live!! – Bristow, VA 9/14/18h

I have seen STONE SOUR numerous times but their show at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA on September 14 was unlike any of theirs I’d been to before. Allow me to set the scene.

It was a muggy Friday night, the sky vaguely looked like it was about to drop a load of rain on us, however it thankfully held off till the next day. A sea of cars and tailgaters covered the vast dirt road parking lot, everyone growing anxious for the start of the show. The moment the gates opened, a horde of fans, in black garb and previously purchased show merch from OZZY OSBOURNE and STONE SOUR shows, stampeded their way into the venue. The hum of the excited chatter filled the air. Show-goers slowly made their way to their seat (and there were actual seats in the pit).

However, the moment STONE SOUR started, the crowd stood up and the energy emitting from them was impalpable…in the best way possible. Actually, the best way to describe it was like kids being awed at a fireworks display on Fourth of July. It was literally like that because STONE SOUR’s first bells-and-whistle effects were numerous sparkler fountains. I mean the band was on fire. Just absolutely a magical display. Members of the band were making great contact with the crowd, running around with the exception of guitarist Josh Rand, who injured his knee just before the tour.

Even sitting on a stool, he still looked like a bad-ass with his sunglasses, rocking out in his own silent way. But the real show stealer was frontman Corey Taylor, jumping around, unleashing his deep epic screams. He headbanged till his hair started to become a “rock-n-roll-afro” (per his description on his Instagram post that night). Of course, at the end of their incredible set, they played “Fabuless” featuring the Wacky Waving Arm Inflatable Tube Men (say that five-times fast…I dare you).

All in all, it was a show to remember, one that ended that summer night and started the weekend on a perfect note. STONE SOUR is currently touring to promote their latest release, Hydrograd. Soon, they will stop touring so Corey can go into the studio and start working on the next SLIPKNOT album. So be sure to catch STONE SOUR when they hit your town. It’s a show you do not want to miss!



Taipei Person / Allah Tea

Do Me a Favor

Knievel Has Landed

Whiplash Pants

Absolute Zero

Bother (Corey Taylor solo)


Song #3

Through Glass



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