Vicious Circle – Unearthed Precision

Longtime veterans of the Heavy Metal scene and hailing from New Jersey, brutal band VICIOUS CIRCLE have seen fit to grace us with new music. Well, back in July that is. What can I say, I was late to the party. Anyways, the EP is called Unearthed Precision and it is a fucking BANGER. This fearsome foursome has got balls the size of Texas, and quite frankly they have a sound that reminds me very much of some of the bands in the Dallas Metal scene. I was missing that terribly, so this record fills the gap nicely for yours truly.

Over the course of four tracks Vinny DiBianca (guitars), Brian Cook (vocals), Mel Leach (bass), and Ryan Hill (drums) channel an angry and well, vicious (see what I did there?) sound that I am quite sure has caused many neck injuries as well as body bruises at their live shows. All the songs are good, but the one that really stuck out, and continues to do so is “Since Oblivion.” That guitar line, solos, and the drum beats get me all riled up and you’ll probably feel the same way. If not, you’re most likely dead inside.

Opener “Fear Everything” comes in subtle as a jackhammer, and “Killing Culture” shells you with aural mortar fire. Duck and cover, people! “The Pain Is the Salvation” really has that Texas metal sound I referenced earlier, and I could easily see these guys on a bill with the legendary WARBEAST or my friends in SOUTHERN FRONT out there. Overall, I really enjoyed this disc and now I’m ready for more. If you want pummeling, pulverizing, in-your-fucking-face Brutal Thrash/Death Metal then you need Unearthed Precision from VICIOUS CIRCLE in your life!! Get it  HERE.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Since Oblivion”, “The Pain Is the Salvation”


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