Reignwolf and Bones Owens Rockin’ House of Blues Dallas!! – 10/10/18

REIGNWOLF is a bit of a rarity, more or less a one man show by the amazing Jordan Cook, who’s opened for BLACK SABBATH, has just under 150,000 listens on Spotify a month, and toured off and on for years all without releasing an album. But the talent and raw passion that Cook possesses comes across in both recordings and live performances. I first learned about REIGNWOLF the day after he last came to Dallas, which was around five years ago.

Since then his music has found its way into my daily rotation of tunes and I’ve been waiting eagerly for the chance to see him perform. I finally got my chance at House of Blues Dallas and my expectations were more than exceeded. So much so that I’m flying out to Denver as I write this to go and see him for a second time.

The opening band for the show was BONES OWENS, another solo artist who pulls friends and fellow music makers to go on tour with him. His music is sultry rock n roll, with a country influence. His performance also consisted of raw passion, harmonica playing, and loads of talent. When working his guitar Bones kept lifting his feet off the ground only to bring them back down, as if the music was a demon that was hell bent on possessing him.

REIGNWOLF took the stage and immediately started ripping into his set. It’s one of those rare moments where you know, this is what someone is meant to do and you can’t picture them doing anything else. The crowd was awestruck, watching this passionate frenzy that Cook had worked himself into. About half way through the set Cook decided that being separated from the crowd via a barricade was not going to work and promptly hopped over, bringing the drum set and other band members with him.

From that point forward the rest of the set was played on the floor, the crowd pressed around the trio. Cook alternated between standing on speakers, the drum set, and the floor. I heard one person in the crowd shout, “Now THIS is fucking rock and roll!” and I couldn’t help but smile in agreement.

REIGNWOLF is one of those artists where you shouldn’t just go and watch a show if you get a chance to, you need to make time to go and witness them. REIGNWOLF is currently on tour and BONES OWENS just released the single “White Lines.”yg


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