Fight The Fury – Still Breathing

SKILLET vocalist and bassist John Cooper has himself a new project in FIGHT THE FURY, a four-piece rounded out by SKILLET guitarist Seth Morrison, drummer Jared Ward, and guitarist John Panzer III. Their five-song EP Still Breathing is out now on Atlantic Records, and it’s really something. Sure it’s still melodic like we’d come to expect from Cooper and Co. but at the same time the songs are much heavier in a lot of places. And that’s by design. From the man himself: Honestly, it took me back to the roots of why I love music and the way I felt when I first heard metal.” It shows. There’s something meatier here than what you might be used to, like on opener “My Demons” which is like a sonic punch to the gut.

Immediately following is one of my two favorites with “Dominate Me” which features a tasty riff sandwich and the hookiest of hooks. The clear winner on this EP though is “I Cannot,” a song that finds a perfect balance between melody and punch, knowing when to hammer you and when to drive the anthemic portion home. “Still Burning” sounds like it could just as easily be a SKILLET number, minus the screams and growls. Color me pleasantly surprised. Closer “Lose Hold of It All” caps things off with a rockin’ groove and another heavy riff, plus the best guitar solos on the disc There are also some screams/growls happening on this track.

Regarding these tunes Cooper had this to say:The music is about battling through the struggles in life we all face in order to survive. The name Fight The Fury recognizes that these songs are a cathartic release. I hope listeners relate to that. I’ve seen music help people who face depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. The process was very therapeutic for me. Even though I’m singing about dark and hard things, we want to communicate that there’s hope at the end of the struggle.” Highly relatable, and I applaud John Cooper for spreading his wings and stepping out of his comfort zone with Still Breathing. Here’s to more from FIGHT THE FURY!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “I Cannot”, “Dominate Me”


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