Sevendust Destroys At The Electric Factory!! – Philadelphia, PA 10/28/18

Let’s get one thing straight right now. If SEVENDUST is anywhere within driving range, you can bet your ass I’ll be there, got it? As it so happens, when they made their most recent Philly stop at Electric Factory, I didn’t have to drive because Chris Minor of RockView Live took care of that for us. Still, we were stoked because this band always brings the ruckus in a live setting. Adding to the greatness was the fact that I would finally meet my online friend Carine in person! She’s a wonderful girl and I really enjoyed hanging out with her! One of THE best people I’ve met since the A&GS journey started. Anyways, on to the show…

Opening with “Dirty” from latest release All I See Is War, the band was off and running from jump. Singer Lajon Witherspoon was mailing it as usual, and the boys in the band were kicking ass and taking names. Drummer Morgan Rose’s signature “You can’t stop fuckin’ with my head!” echoed throughout the room as they tore into “Face to Face” from 2003’s Seasons, a song that’s usually a closer for them. Hey, I wasn’t complaining because it’s one of my Top 5 tunes from these guys!

New track “Unforgiven” was sandwiched between a pair of classics from 1999’s Home in “Denial” and “Waffle,” and all three had the rabid fanbase going nuts. And speaking of classics, the self-titled debut showed up in the form of “Too Close to Hate” and “Bitch.” Did any of you catch the band on last year’s Twentieth Anniversary run? Then you know how much these two kill live. Closing out this way too brief set was “Thank You” from 2015’s Kill the Flaw and it was a great way to cap things off.

I will never, ever tire of taking in the power and fury of SEVENDUST in a live setting. And I can only hope that they continue giving us killer albums and tours for another 20 years. If you’ve never seen this band live, please remedy that ASAP. And if you’re reading this as someone who’s never listened to the band, then please do one of two things: go hit yourself in the head with a blunt instrument, or press PLAY on one of their records. I guarantee you will be an instant convert, as I was back in 1997. Oh, and by the way, y’all can call it whatever the fuck you want, but it will ALWAYS be Electric Factory, and I will continue to say so till I get a cease and desist telling me otherwise.



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