Saboter – Architects Of Evil

I stumbled upon SABOTER in 2016 when their debut Mankind Is Damned hit my inbox on a rainy Friday morning. I loved that first record so much I blasted it all day at work then proceeded to review it that very night, something that rarely happens. So naturally I was very excited to finally sit down with new release Architects of Evil (out now, No Remorse Records) and rock the fuck out. Right away I was all in on title track “Architects of Evil” which also has some of the best guitar riffs and solos on this whole thing. Guitarists Chris Tsakiropoulos and Apostolos Papadimitriou work very well together, as is also evident on “Rose Red” another surefire winner. Vocalist Antonis Vailas kind of reminds me of Point of Entry-era Rob Halford here, love it!

The razor-sharp guitars continue with “Golden Owl”, a track that shows the rhythm section (Nick Markoutsakis on bass, and John Votsis on drums) not only off to the races, but hitting the air brakes then banking hard left when you least expect it, a la Maverick in Top Gun. “To Glory We March” is straight outta MANOWAR territory, not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m just making an observation. “Sword of the Guardian” was another instant favorite because you can just hear these five guys meshing so well together. Also, it’s an all-out asskicker, so there’s that! We also get some of those Vailas high notes I love so well.

With each listen I tend to gravitate more and more towards “Order of Charity.” The ebb and flow of this track really gets to me every time, so this is another standout for sure. Opener “The Temple of R’lyeh” is another one that features some twists and turns, but for some reason it had to grow on me. I wasn’t that into it at first, but now I get it. “Lamias Call” is the closer and once again Vailas hits us with a monster note to start the song before taking us on an OVERKILL-like march. Think of “Fear His Name” and you’ll see what I mean. Still, it’s a fucking killer tune. So once again I am very satisfied with a SABOTER record. Two for two, they are. If you haven’t already, be sure and snag your copy of Architects of Evil today!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Architects of Evil”, Rose Red”, “Sword of the Guardian”, “Order of Charity”, “Lamias Call”

RATING: 8.8/10

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