Kalidia – The Frozen Throne

I can’t remember the exact moment I became a KALIDIA fan, but I knew as soon as I heard them a couple of years ago that there was something special about this band. Singer Nicoletta Rosellini’s voice really resonated with me, and the band themselves play a particularly good brand of Melodic Power Metal. So here we are with their sophomore record The Frozen Throne (out now, Inner Wound Recordings) and I can tell you it’s a doozy. The songs are heavy, with melody for days, and they never once get bogged down in the silliness that some Power Metal bands all too easily fall prey to. Plus I played it three straight times when I got it.

The minute title track “Frozen Throne” was released I could just tell I was gonna love this disc. The guitar and vocal interplay is excellent and I found myself hitting the REPEAT button often. Next up is “Circe’s Spell”, a track which boasts a sitar during the intro, then the band goes to town. “Black Sails” was one of my favorites from the word go, with its sing-along, “do a shot with me!” chorus and generally uptempo groove. One of the things that differentiates Rosellini from other singers of her ilk is that not only can she sing her ass off, but she also has this knack for drawing you in with her hypnotic delivery. Don’t believe me? Listen to “Orpheus.” Yep. I’m right.

“To the Darkness I Belong” features one of the record’s best hooks and thumpiest tempos, making this another instant winner, while “Myth of Masada” goes all in on the heavy, chunky riffs that I love so much, and features a guest vocal from David Bassin of VICTORIUS. So count this one among the standouts, no question. “Midnight’s Chant” is simply gorgeous, with a healthy dose of keys, while at the same time managing to rock where it counts. Another heavy, and speedy track here is “Amethyst” which shows the band kicking all kinds of ass and getting heads to bang.

“Lotus” is another riff-laden affair that will no doubt thrill the fans at home, and in the front row at future shows. Closing the disc is “Queen of the Forsaken” and I have to say, this is one of the more ambitious/majestic tracks on the whole thing. This band knew what they were doing, putting this one at the end, that’s for sure. When all is said and done The Frozen Throne is a really fucking great album, guys. KALIDIA have put together a record that will 100% garner them a much wider audience, and rightfully so. And quite frankly Nicoletta Rosellini is a revelation vocally. If you don’t already have your copy you should go ahead and fix that…NOW. Because this is one of THE best Power Metal records of 2018…and that’s a fact.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Frozen Throne”, “Queen of the Forsaken”, “Myth of Masada”, “To the Darkness I Belong”, “Black Sails”, “Orpheus”

RATING: 9.2/10

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