Corroded – Bitter

Swedish hard rock band CORRODED are back with a new album Bitter (out now, Despotz Records), their fifth overall. Chart-toppers in their homeland I must confess I’ve never heard anything from them, so this is my first ride. To be honest, their sound is very similar to a lot of the radio rock you’ll hear in the U.S. which can be both a blessing and a curse. When they channel elements of DISTURBED or NICKELBACK (two bands I love), the results are pleasing to the ear. They do veer off into FIVE FINGER DICK PUNCH territory a couple of times (a band I can’t fucking stand anymore), which I didn’t love, with one exception.

So let’s start with the good, shall we? “Black” is very interesting, a six-minute and change number that at times evokes TYPE O NEGATIVE’S late frontman Peter Steele, while opener “Breathing” features a chunky riff from guitarist Thomas Andersson, and is arguably one of the record’s best. Jens Westlin sings with authority, yo! “Cross” does remind me of FFDP, but back when they were still a great band, and this is the exception I mentioned earlier. There’s a big ballsy vibe going on with “Burn”, which is another winning track, as is “Testament.” This is the kind of song you open your fucking set with! High-speed, low drag, no questions asked.

The group flirts with Thrash Metal on “Scream,” showing they aren’t afraid to play rough, so good on them. However, this album isn’t without flaws. For example, “Cyanide” just plods along, only picking up on the hooks, and let’s not forget the fact that song title has been beaten into the ground. And other than the opening guitar solo I just wasn’t feeling “Time.” I’ll say this though, “Destruction” rebounds nicely and again has us headed in the right direction with its heaviness and attitude. One thing this band has in spades is solid riffage as is evidenced by “Drown” and closer “War,” two tunes that are guaranteed to get fists pumping and crowds amped up.

After listening to Bitter I am not the least bit surprised CORRODED is a big success where they come from. They have a formula and it works. Quite a few of these songs would do very well here on American radio, and with the right push I can totally see that happening. Did they reinvent the wheel? No. But overall is this a real solid hard rock record that folks can drink and get down to on a Saturday night? Absolutely. Bitter is available wherever you buy your music now. So grab a copy, line up the shots, and have fun with it!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Destruction”, “Cross”, “Testament”, “Breathing”, “Drown”, “Burn”

RATING: 8/10

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