Disturbed Brings Evolution To American Airlines Center!! – Dallas, TX 1/26/19

We’re now done with the first month of 2019, and my experience is that the first month of any year usually doesn’t have so many options of good concerts to go to. In October 2018, DISTURBED announced a long arena tour with the support of the underrated rock band THREE DAYS GRACE. Both bands had new releases to promote, and the attending fans were about to have plenty of options to choose from to enjoy a great time listening to rock music.

The gathering happened at American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. This venue is particularly known for hosting big musical acts, which represented a tremendous opportunity for the opening band, THREE DAYS GRACE to warm up the thousands of fans attending. This is one of my favorite rock bands today, and even though they might be labeled as radio rock band (which they are), I’ve seen how they’ve managed to create enjoyable music over the years, and deliver a solid performance the couple of times that I’ve seen them play.

THREE DAYS GRACE’s opening song, “The Mountain” from latest album Outsider (out now, RCA), is heavier than the average material they release, which gives a great starting point for the rest of the songs that included tracks like: “Home”, “The Good Life” and “Pain”.

So far, this first band was proof that the entire show was going to be a blast. They also followed with some of my favorite songs like: “Painkiller”, “Break”, “Animal I Have Become”, “Never Too Late” and “Riot”. Their entire performance made this band fall into the list of “I HAVE TO SEE THIS BAND AGAIN WHEN THEY COME BACK”, and did I mention that the lead singer Matt Walst can REALLY growl? Check them out when you can.

Up next, it was time to see DISTURBED. I’ve now been involved in the metal community for almost 15 years, and DISTURBED is still one of the bands that open up the doors to enjoy the type of music we listen to, and to me in particular, DISTURBED is all about nostalgia; it is about me at 15 years old checking them out for the first time. 

Their show started with a screening of a video made out of old footage and pictures of the band from pretty much all of their eras, which I felt identified with because I’ve followed them forever. The opening song is the energetic “Are You Ready”, from their latest record Evolution (out now, Reprise). After this, “Prayer” started immediately, which is a very nice jam from the old days.

The crowd was very energetic at this point, as it’s been about 2.5 years since the band was here. During the first half of the set, several good songs were included like “The Vengeful One”, which is a great rock jam with good transitions from heavy to softer and probably my favorite song from Immortalized.

We also got “The Animal”, which brings back some great memories from MAYHEM FEST 2011 including the kickass time I had with some family members bringing them to their first metal festival. “Stupify” which I’m not a huge fan of, but dozens of people around me at the time truly are, was played as well as “Voices” from the very first album. So far, we’ve got a little bit of everything from the DISTURBED menu, including “Land of Confusion” by GENESIS.

At this point, most of us know that Evolution is not necessarily DISTURBED’s heaviest album to date, but most of their songs have a very human meaning. Before playing “A Reason To Fight”, David Draiman talked about the struggles that thousands of people go through with depression and suicidal thoughts. That issue is still very real, and proof of that is the small experiment that David did with the audience: every person that has ever struggled with any of these thoughts raised their hand, and that number was by far, more than 2. At this point, I was NOT surprised by the way DISTURBED connects to their fans, which made the last few songs even better.

The last songs of the night included “The Sound of Silence” by SIMON & GARFUNKEL, “Indestructible” and “Inside The Fire” (with the proper fire production, of course). These last two are probably some of my favorites of the band, as I always remember the MAYHEM FESTIVAL tour in 2008 and those are the songs that the “OH, AH, AH, AH, AH!” band was promoting. The encore included David Draiman giving us a little gift of sharing a story of both Vinnie Paul and “Dimebag” Darrell. I’ve never been a fan of their band, but I find it amazing that there are so many groups out there that describe them as some of the best people on this planet. Because of this story, “The Light” and the classic “Down With The Sickness” closed an almost intimate show with the band.

All I can say about the show in general is that it’s had one of the strongest connections I’ve seen between a crowd and a band. Yes, I’ve seen energy, I’ve seen a great vibe, excited fans, but there’s not always the chance to see somebody truly engaged in the moment. It was a good experience to check out one of the great metal bands, and it was even more amazing to see how the years have passed by and I’m still rocking to the same songs that got my head banging skills in shape.



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