The Sound Of Animals Fighting Live At The Bomb Factory!! – Dallas, TX 3/1/19

One of the stories surrounding THE SOUND OF ANIMALS FIGHTING is that when they record their records, they all wear masks and don’t know the identity of the other members until the recording is done. Whether this is true or not, it’s certainly a hell of a way to get people interested in your band. Since I first heard that story and checked them out TSOAF has been a monthly staple in music I listen to.

For years I would look and cross my fingers that they were touring, but sadly no shows came anywhere close to Dallas…until now. Buying my ticket the second they went on sale, several months before the show, my expectations and excitement grew from there. I was careful to avoid seeing or hearing anything about their live performance. After all, if I had waited this long to see them, almost 8 years, what was a few more months?

It was worth the wait. The energy and production quality of the show was almost unmatched to anything I have seen before. The stage was awash with the warm glow of individual lights, lending to the intimate feeling that perpetuated all night long. The venue this was at, The Bomb Factory, is massive but watching TSOAF it felt like they would have put on the same quality of a show in any venue they’re in. Each member of the band supported the others while still shining on their own, no small feat when you have seven members on stage at almost all times.

Energetic, sultry, intimate, and expressive, this was certainly a show overflowing with emotion. Not only for the band, but for the audience members as well. I know I certainly shed a few tears, because it was everything I hoped for. If I had to wait eight more years to see THE SOUND OF ANIMALS FIGHTING, I would. Because for me and so many others, it was worth the wait.


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