Omicida – Defrauded Reign

OMICIDA are a Thrash Metal band firmly rooted in the glory days of yore. Every single track on their self-released debut album Defrauded Reign (out now) sounds like it could have been written in 1987, and been spinning on many of our turntables that very same year. And goddamn, that’s a good thing! Channeling the spirits of, at different times, SLAYER (in abundance), DEATH ANGEL, and TESTAMENT, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with most of these tunes. Just take a listen to “Violent Resolution” and tell me that wouldn’t fit nicely on Reign In Blood, huh? Opener “Hostage In the Pit” tips the cap to the aforementioned TESTAMENT, and also has one of the coolest intros I’ve heard in a long time.

Elsewhere we have stuff like “Omicida”, which features some shredding guitar work from Will Waulner and Dan Baune, as well as one of the record’s best solos. There’s also a nice push and pull happening throughout. This brings us to “Protect and Serve.” Three guesses as to what this one is about, and while I liked it I didn’t love it, so that’s that. Pressing onward we have “Divine Uncertainty”, slowing the tempo with a gorgeous acoustic/electric into before everyone grabs a weapon and starts killing in earnest. Drummer Giovanni Durst and bassist Daniel Bate anchor the track, and vocalist Giovanni Barbieri really goes to town.

“State of Terror” is a headbanging, neck-snapping sonuvabitch from beginning to end and not surprisingly was/is one of my favorites on this disc. If you don’t get a serious early SLAYER vibe from this one then just check yourself into Bellevue, because you’re crazy as Hell. This fucker definitely had me abusing the REPEAT button for sure. The groove and tempo of “Sentenced” make for another winner as the band takes us on a rather sinister journey, then “The Supremacist” comes along and bashes us in the head with a brick. But hey, what do we care? We’ll just rage to the music while we bleed from that head, right?

The SLAYER-isms once again rear their ugly heads right from the start of “Unborn.” Quite frankly this 100% sounds like “South of Heaven 2.0” at the start, something I found a bit off-putting, but after a few minutes it rights the ship and goes in its own direction. And oh man, the dual harmonized guitar solo is fucking choice, soooo, well done. Closing us out is “Dead Eyes See No Evil”, the band bound and determined to fuck your shit up with a quickness, and I’m quite sure the pits to this one will be amazingly fierce. All in all OMICIDA did a very good job with Defrauded Reign. They didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, and they unabashedly wear their influences on their sleeves. I’m okay with that and you should be, too.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “State of Terror”, “Omicida”, “Sentenced”, “Divine Uncertainty”, “Dead Eyes See No Evil”

RATING: 8.5/10    

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