Prostitute Disfigurement

It’s been what, six years since From Crotch to Crown, right? Well strap in boys and girls, because PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT are back in a BIG muthafuckin’ way!! The new self-titled album is out now via Rising Nemesis Records and it is a doozy!! I have been blaring this thing since release day and I am beyond thrilled with the results. Not only did I purchase the digital release, but I also got me a T-shirt as well. With that cover art, how could I not?? I’ll be sure to include that link later. This is straight up, in-your-face Brutal Death Metal, done with a vengeance. Listening to this album, I can feel every stab wound as the knife plunges in again and again turning  the streets red with the blood of the victims.

“Fight a Transvestite’ (classic title, no?) and “Happily to the Gallows” provide the one-two punch to kick things off, then “Force-Fed Dead” comes in with a nail-spiked baseball hat to the goddamn head. Vocalist Niels Adams sounds like a man on a mission, and that mission is to crack said head open and dance on your brain matter. “Kinderfresser” shows some elements of Thrash Metal early on, but then full-on Death Metal takes over. One of the album’s best cuts is single “The Way of All Excrement”, a track I haven’t stopped listening to for months. It’s on about ten of my playlists for work, so that should tell you something. An exercise in brutality, this tune is not going away anytime soon.

One good cut deserves another, as “Dead Before She Hits the Ground” is next, and yep, it’s another favorite. The whole band is wreckin’ shop, and once again Niels is leading the charge. With a title like “Penile Tumescence” I had no idea what was gonna come flying at me (hopefully nothing penile!), but the song kicks major ass, so that’s a plus. “Hell Libertine” has a stalkerish vibe to it, and then closer “Every Woman Lives In Fear” goes straight for the jugular and in for the kill. Man, it’s great to have PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT back. This album is an all killer, no filler slab of unrelenting and unyielding Brutal Death Metal, and one I highly recommend. You can purchase it HERE, and I suggest you do so with a quickness!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Fight a Transvestite”, “The Way of All Excrement”, “Dead Before She Hits the Ground”, “Force-Fed Dead”

RATING: 9/10

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