Mega Colossus – V

Almost three years ago I was introduced to U.S. Power Metal band MEGA COLOSSUS and their album Hyperglaive, which was quite a hit here at A&GS HQ. Fast forward to now and the band has some more new goodies for us with their EP V, out now and self-released. Featuring four new studio tracks and two live performances, this one is short but sweet, and doesn’t screw around. The subject matter will be familiar to any of us who have enjoyed sci-fi movies over the past few decades, that’s for sure. Case in point, one of my two favorite songs “Bug Hunt” which lyrically is an almost line for line account of the 1986 hit movie Aliens (also a personal favorite).

The twin guitar work of Stephen Cline and Bill Fischer anchors the songs, and Sean Buchanan’s gorgeous vocals go along with that perfectly. The guy’s got power for days. The rhythm section of Ry Eshelman (bass) and Doza (drums) also showcases talent in spades, and you can really feel their cohesiveness on my other favorite tune, “Navigator.” The hook on this one is so strong that I felt like a fish being reeled in. The live performances of “The Mountain That Rides” and “Sea of Stars” are a great, high-energy way to close out this effort, and will surely delight fans of the band.

At the end of the day there is a lot to love about MEGA COLOSSUS. They write killer metal songs and always tell a great story in the process. I would love for them to come through the Philly area sometime so I can experience this stuff live. Here’s hoping the powers that be can make that happen. In the meantime, you can buy V right HERE, and I highly suggest you do so.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Bug Hunt”, “Navigator”


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