Truth Corroded – Bloodlands

Here we go again with another band that got lost in the shuffle of all the music being thrown at me in 2019. First world problems, right? Bloodlands, the latest full-length from Australian Death Thrashers TRUTH CORRODED has been out for nearly a month via Unique Leader Records yet I only got into it some two weeks ago. Man am I slipping, or what? Well, regardless of that, Holy fuck this band DESTROYS!! I have been playing the record at least once, if not twice a day at work and hot damn, I love it!

Opening track “To the Carnal Earth” features a blazing guest solo from SUFFOCATION guitarist Terrance Hobbs and it is a tone-setter if ever there was one. Session drummer Kevin Talley is back behind the skins for a third time and he slashes and burns his way through this and each subsequent song. The guy is a machine! Next up is “The Leeches Feed” featuring arguably the best riffs on the record. It is impossible for me to play this one and not want to throw things (and people) through windows, goddammit!

“Conquest of Divide” and “Victims Left Lepers” provide a killer combo of body blows and head shots that will crack you open and clean you out, and not in the fun, sexy way. More like they’ll leave you bruised and bloodied, as it should be. Title track “Bloodlands” provides a 32-second acoustic reprieve before everything goes to Hell and gone with “The Storm.” I rather enjoyed the build-up on this one, more like a simmering potboiler than an all-out blitzkrieg. I’m not sure who that is doing the haunting vocals on the chorus, but they are great, whoever they is.

My runaway favorite though is “Of Open Eyes and Willing Hands” because it takes all the things I love about Death Metal and brings them crashing down on my fucking skull again and again. An all-out onslaught, this just might be one of my favorite Death Metal songs of the YEAR! “The End of He Who Reigns” is a romper stomper and pretty much wrecks everything and ruins your life before nine-minute and change closer “I Once Breathed” completely shifts gears and gets all sinister on us with a slowed, stalking, deliberately maniacal tempo.

I can’t lie, I love Bloodlands and you can now add TRUTH CORRODED to my list of favorite Death Metal bands. Not only has this disc made its way onto my Top Albums of 2019 list, but it is also the perfect record to motivate me on Saturday mornings when I don’t feel like moving because Mini-Amps woke me at 5:30 a.m.!! Be sure and grab your copy if you haven’t already. Just thank me later. You’re welcome in advance.


RATING: 9.6/10

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