Iron Savior – Kill Or Get Killed

Been a fan of IRON SAVIOR for a little over five years now. I didn’t even know who they were till this little website started up (thank you Dustin Hardman for opening my eyes!), but once I did I became an instant fan, as did Mini-Amps who really enjoyed that year’s Rise of the Hero. The band, led by guitarist/vocalist and producer extraordinaire Piet Sielck, never fails to deliver anthemic Power Metal that is hook-laden, yet all balls and no fluff. New album Kill Or Get Killed (out now, AFM Records) is certainly no exception to this rule as you get eleven killer tracks guaranteed to have all heads a-banging!

Right way the one-two punch of “Kill Or Get Killed” and “Roaring Thunder” set a tone that there’s no turning back from. “Eternal Quest” and “Sinner or Saint” are locked in a fierce struggle over which one contains the sickest riffs on the album (they both do!), while “From Dust and Rubble” is one of the more melodic tracks, but not at the expense of the heavy, mind you. Plus, the guitar solo is fierce!! “Stand Up and Fight” is a fist-raising anthem that is sure to get fans going at every and any venue the band plays in. It’s impossible not to like this one, people.

Things get super fast with “Hero Ascending” the old school twin guitar attack hitting you full force, then we take a step into Melodic Rock territory with “Never Stop Believing,” an infectious little ditty that some of you will dig, and might leave others scratching their heads a bit. Y’all know how much I love a big, catchy chorus, so count me in. Next up is “Until We Meet Again” a nearly eight-minute epic that had my attention right away and kept it throughout. Hell, it didn’t even feel like that much time had passed, always a good thing. Meanwhile closer “Legends of Glory” is an absolute hammer and one that simply must be included in future setlists.

All in all I think IRON SAVIOR did a bang-up job with this record. The songs pack just the right amount of punch while still having great melodies. These guys know what they’re doing, and they know what works for them as well as their fans. Kill Or Get Killed is an excellent addition to an already storied body of work from Sielck and Co. Now, if we could just get a goddamn U.S. tour. Nah, let me be selfish: come to Philly and play for ME!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Eternal Quest”, “Sinner or Saint”, “From Dust and Rubble”, “Stand Up and Fight”, “Legends of Glory”

RATING: 9/10

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