Sum 41 Brings The No Personal Space Tour To House Of Blues Dallas!! – Dallas, TX 5/1/19

I’ve listened to SUM 41 since the days of swimming pool & skate board music videos and Mistress Julia on FUSE, staring at the analog television glow, dreaming of screaming lyrics from “In Too Deep”, “Hell Song”, “Machine Gun” and other melodies from the front row. I got my chance at House of Blues Dallas on May 1 when SUM 41’S No Personal Space Tour, with ASSUMING WE SURVIVE as support, completely blew me away.

I used a bit of the old income tax money to purchase the V.I.P. Experience and I have to say it was completely worth it. “Cone” McCaslin (bass) and Dave Baksh (guitar) seemed genuinely happy to be there with the some 25 superfans and discuss their favorite tour stories, influences and songs. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t heard it, but they shared a quick little gem about a prosthetic leg that was amusing as hell.

After the face-to-face, pictures and signing of various items/body parts (wink wink), we got down to business. ASSUMING WE SURVIVE opened the night, and since I’ve only ever seen them on Vans Warped Tour, I was excited!

The crowd was rowdy and ready to go by the time SUM 41 took the stage. There were songs from every single record, including “Out For Blood” from their forthcoming release.

There were songs they have never played on tour. There were crowd surfers. All the crowd surfers. Deryck Whibley (vocalist) was kind enough to empty an entire bottle of water on my head, which was insanely needed given the heat from 200+ people crushing together. Pure bliss!

For posterity: I know I had at least one beer poured down my back at some point. I ended up with a bruise on my forearm from bracing myself on the rail and a little bit of a limp from twisting my knee while trying to avoid a massive dude kicking me in the face. Good grief did my feet hurt at the end of the night.

But I haven’t stopped smiling in the days since and I wouldn’t change any of the craziness for a damn thing. Get out and see this tour. Support their new record. If you get a chance, get the VIP, enjoy the hell out of yourself and tell them Rebekkah from Dallas, TX says hello!


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