Beasto Blanco – We Are

BEASTO BLANCO is really a great fuckin’ band. They just plug in and play with zero fucks given. You either like it or you don’t; either way I don’t think they’re that concerned with what you think. They are going to continue making their art regardless, so you can get on board or get left behind. ALICE COOPER bassist Chuck Garric, and ALICE’S daughter Calico Cooper really swing for the fences on new record We Are (out now, Rat Pak Records), and quite frankly everything SOUNDS like a band on the rise. I sat down with Calico and Chuck not too long ago to discuss the band, so be on the lookout for that interview.

Calico totally owns “Solitary Rave”, while opener “The Seeker” showcases Chuck as a lead singer/songwriter. Not surprisingly “Solitary Rave” is an album favorite because let’s face it, she rocks! “Ready to Go” is a chest-thumping anthem that demands your attention, while “Down” is darker than NYC during the 2003 blackout. “Perception of Me” has a sexy swagger that is only made hotter by Calico’s delivery. She’s a great singer and she’s waiting for y’all to catch up! “Let’s Rip” once again finds itself squarely in ROB ZOMBIE territory, and I am cool with that. Because this tune fucking rocks!!

I didn’t know what to make of “Half Life” at first but I have to admit Garric sounds like a man sincere on this one. So I really enjoy it. It’s pedal to the metal time as we usher in “We Got This”, a tune where Chuck and Calico go head to head-to-head while delivering a glorious anthem. It’s a noisy head banger for fucking sure! “I See You In It” is one of those songs you just know is a head-bobber from jump, and closer “Halcyon” is a fucking riffer if ever there was one! At the end of the day BEASTO BLANCO have given us a kickass record once again. And I can highly recommend We Are with no hesitation!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Solitary Rave”, “Ready to Go”, “Perception of Me”, “We Got This”, “The Seeker”

RATING: 9/10

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