Demiurgon – The Oblivious Lure

Italian band DEMIURGON have seen fit to pound us over the head with their new album The Oblivious Lure (out now, Everlasting Spew Records). I’ve said this before and I will say it a hundred times before I’m through: sometimes you need some BRUTAL FUCKING DEATH METAL in your life to get you through. And man oh man, does this band tick so many boxes. For fuck’s sake opener “Tsantsas” comes in and kicks you so hard in the balls they’ll be in your throat before you know what hit you. “Kapalikas” is the sonic equivalent of a jackhammer breaking your skull apart, while “…Dèi Dimenticati” is a no-holds barred track that goes straight for the jugular.

It’s back to the speedy and blasty side of things with “Il Culto Cannibale,” not that I’m upset or complaining one bit. Quite frankly after four songs I had zero issues so far. So let’s move on, shall we? Hell, this is arguably the best track on the whole thing! “Profezia Di Una Specie Morente” is wild, and throws everything AND the kitchen sink at you. Frenetic beats, changes in pacing, bloodcurdling riffage, and raw angry vocals make for a number that will probably wreck necks from here to Italy and back again. If the previous song was my #1, then let’s make this #1A.

Title track “The Oblivious Lure” moves like a giant awakening from slumber at first, then goes all in, bearing down on unsuspecting heads. Vocalist Stefano Borciani really swings for the fences on this one and he for sure sends it some 400 feet over said fence. The band behind him were on base and he knocked them all in for the game winner. “Teatro Del Coito” is another pulverizing tune, and one that would serve as the perfect opener in a live setting. Closing the disc is “The Day Dawn Came Twice” and it’s a banger for sure. All in all The Oblivious Lure is quite the Death Metal offering from DEMIURGON, a band that clearly has a lot to offer their fans. The record is out now, so grab your copy today!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The Oblivious Lure”, “Profezia Di Una Specie Morente”, “Il Culto Cannibale”, “Tsantsas” 

RATING: 9/10

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