Destruction – Born To Perish

Man, oh man, is there really anything better than a killer Thrash or Death Metal album? The answer you’re looking for is a resounding, “NO.” German Thrash veterans DESTRUCTION have a new one out in Born to Perish through Nuclear Blast Records, and believe me when I tell ya it’s one that you need to hear ASAP. Vocalist/bassist Schmier sounds like a man possessed, and the guitar duo of Mike Sifringer and Damir Eskic really capture that old school feel with their nasty riffs and solos, while drummer Randy Black (long one of my favorites), just pounds the shit out of the skins. This lineup is pretty fucking sick, and I can only imagine how they come together live.

Right away opener/title track “Born to Perish” shows a band on a mission, and that mission is to crack your neck wide open while you headbang. “Inspired By Death” has easily the nastiest, most evil riff on the whole disc, and it also winds up being one of the best offerings. Then we get hit right in the head/ribs with “Betrayal”, a song that is tailor-made for workout playlists, for those of you that actually do that. The guitar solos on this one are especially fluid, and enhance the song’s overall vibe. “Rotten” has an uptempo groove and a filthy riff, which slides nicely in to next number “Filthy Wealth”, one of the instant standouts for me. 

The same can be said for “Butchered For Life.” Starting with a clean guitar intro, and Schmier singing in a soft, yet menacing tone, the song slowly builds and builds to a thunderous crescendo wherein all Hell breaks loose. Speed is on the menu in droves with “Tyrants of the Netherworld”, and this one should fucking kill live, assuming they play it on tour. Black pounds the hell out of his skins during “We Breed Evil” and “Fatal Flight 17”, two more stellar cuts, the latter dealing with the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 in 2014, resulting in the deaths of 298 innocent people. Sad subject matter, but an excellent song nonetheless. This track also features one of the album’s best, most effective guitar solos.

“Ratcatcher” is the sonic equivalent of an M-16 on full auto and should get all heads a-banging, and for our closer we are treated to a cover of TYGERS OF PAN TANG’S “Hellbound.” This was totally unexpected, but still very cool. Plus the boys rip it up on this version! All told, the guys in DESTRUCTION have given us another great piece of Thrash Metal with Born to Perish. And sometimes that’s all you need. Now, if I could finally see this band live just once…

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Fatal Flight 17”, Butchered For Life”, “Filthy Wealth”, “Inspired By Death”, “Born to Perish”

RATING: 9/10

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