Kublai Khan TX – Absolute

When Matt Honeycutt said “FIGHT GOD” I swear I fucking tried. KUBLAI KHAN TX are back with new album Absolute (Rise Records), they’re arguably angrier than ever, and it’s so much goddamn fun. There’s some kind of special charm about some of these absolute ass beater records. It’s nothing but violence from front to back, and honestly? That’s not something a lot of bands do very well.

From straight up hardcore two step, to break-fucking-downs, to some relatively up tempo face punchers, this album legitimately feels like two cinder blocks being smashed on both of your ears at the same time. It almost physically hurts at times, which is genuinely hilarious to me. I don’t mean that the content therein isn’t serious or anything like that, I just mean; how do you manage to capture that much violence in something as simple as sound waves? It’s genuinely funny to me because of how good it is and I really can’t explain it further than that.

KUBLAI KHAN TX don’t try to reinvent the wheel on this record, but I don’t feel like they completely stick to their formula. Some of the best progressions in an artist’s career happen in a slow deliberate manner, and this feels like a testament to that very process. You can hear them having some fun with exactly how breakdowns come to fruition, how the fast parts weave with the slow churning ones, and how the vocal delivery plays a part in highlighting all of those elements.

These guys have a great sense of what makes a song ferocious. I don’t necessarily know how, but they capitalize on it every time, too. It’s like every song has its own call to arms, and I’m not shitting you when I say folks in the crowds answer it. I got caught in one of their pits about a year ago and I was 83% sure I was going to be laid to rest there. Absolute is no different, and is going to have kids all out murdering each other in the pit in no time. You can mark my words on that shit.


RATING: 10/10


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