Jinjer – Macro

The principles of Yin and Yang dictate that opposites exist to maintain balance in the universe. Good and evil, light and dark, peace and chaos are all philosophically different sides to the same coin. The Ukrainian metal band JINJER embrace these very principals with their unique take on metal and their vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk seems to have both an angel and a demon living in her soul. You’ve never heard anything like them, and people that witness what they can do for the first time are often left speechless. If you don’t believe me look up any reaction video for the song “Pisces” on YouTube where you can see the power of this band. JINJER forces the listener to react, and getting a reaction in this day and age is no small feat.

Since their formation, JINJER has grown their particular brand of metal mainly by playing outside the United States. Americans got their first taste of a live show in 2018 and with a couple of albums already under their belt they hit the States running. The band is fleshed out by guitarist Roman Ibramkhalilov, bassist Eugene Abdukhanov, and drummer Vlad Ulasevich. These four musicians have an undeniably beautiful and brutal chemistry, and with their newest release Macro (October 25, Napalm Records) they plan to bust the metal scene wide open.

“On The Top” kicks things off with a vengeance. Shmayluk goes full demon right out of the gate, and then switches to a more seductive whisper before showing us her full skill set. The soaring chorus is backed by some truly impressive percussion and guitar work as the syncopated rhythms and textures assault our eardrums. The way the drums, bass, and guitar lock in here is a thing of beauty that few bands can match. “Judgement (& Punishment)” is another fantastic track and the first single on the album. Calling back Tatiana’s roots in a reggae band, this shows how deep this talented group can go. JINJER still somehow manages to keep things metal though, and they deliver a truly remarkable song in the process. 

“Noah” is a relentlessly brutal song that gives you no time to catch your breath. In all honesty, every one of these tunes are excellent and it’s very difficult to single out a few to highlight here. “Retrospection”, “Home Back”, and “The Prophecy” all hit incredibly hard and my eardrums may never fully recover from this album. I can loudly shout from the mountain top that Macro is an exceptional piece of work from some truly gifted musicians. The mashup of so many different styles and textures is both staggering and refreshing, and that is something truly needed in music today. Pick up a copy of Macro if you want to react to your music and not just listen to it. I guarantee you will not regret the purchase.


RATING: 10/10


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