Rings Of Saturn – Gidim

Since its inception, metal music as a whole has been explored in many ways by many artists. Some waves are positively welcomed by fans, while others are just a recurring pain to hear. RINGS OF SATURN stands out for being one of the most creative metal bands that exist today by solidifying this unique style in almost every single one of their songs. With the band’s new release Gidim (out now, Nuclear Blast Records) we get to hear some of this extreme crazy killing space metal that can’t be unheard once it’s played…and it’s awesome.

To begin the session, “Pustules” (featuring Charles Caswell of BERRIED ALIVE) starts off super heavy and shows us the space elements that the band is known for using. Creative and fast prog sounds with the band’s unique style makes it sweet and only serves as warm-up material for what is coming. “Divine Authority” has a slower introduction with some breakdowns before it turns into complete fast-paced madness. It kind of makes it feel like a trippin vibe, in a great way. “Hypodermis Glitch” features a guest appearance from Dan Watson of ENTERPRISE EARTH, and is another example of how the intros to RINGS OF SATURN’S songs don’t necessarily tell how they’re gonna go. 

“Bloated and Stiff” has the sound of a heavy video game from the 80’s and some serious growls. It’s an interesting transition, but still within the well-known characteristics of the band. “Tormented Consciousness” (featuring Japanese guitarist Yo Onityan) had an unexpected, but very pleasant intro, starting straight with some djenty guitars that bridge back and forth. The song later offers a roller-coaster feel in terms of tonality, playing from higher to lower tones using different times. Moving forward with the second half, “The Husk” has another fast and straight-to-the-point start, peeling off some face-punching riffs that are remarkably different from one another in terms of musical synchronization.

“Mental Prolapse” brings back some of the 80’s vibe with the intro, but takes a transition into a softer form to cool things off. The melody is very pleasant and it builds a calm vibe before taking off like a torpedo with the accelerated guitar tapping and some other face-ripping riffs. “Genetic Inheritance” maintains a lower and faster sound. This one in particular contains a scarier vibe that is also combined with the increased heart rate that RINGS OF SATURN’S riffs give off. This track is more melodic, which is never a bad thing to hear. “Face of the Wormhole” starts off with an interesting finger battle in the guitars until the time stops with heavy breakdowns as well and continues with the crazy work, courtesy of the string owners.

I’m usually a fan of instrumentals, as long as they fit in with the vibe of the record. Closer “Gidim” definitely fits the bill, especially since it’s coming from a band that explores different elements in their material and knows how to combine them in a way that defies logic, but also makes perfect sense. Considering the band’s work in a broad approach, the new material sounds the same, but it becomes very interesting to hear so many combinations of sounds. RINGS OF SATURN is a band that hasn’t reached their creative limits quite yet. The band’s very solid and musical style opens the door for every member to keep expanding on the already crazy structure of the songs. It’s always fun to listen to this music, regardless.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Divine Authority”, “Hypodermis Glitch”, “Bloated and Stiff”, “Mental Prolapse”, “Gidim”

RATING: 9/10


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