Abigail Williams Brings Their Black Metal To Gas Monkey Live!! – Dallas, TX 12/3/19

It’s been about 14 months or so since ABIGAIL WILLIAMS last rolled through the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. This time they stopped at Gas Monkey Live for the Path To Victory Tour. The show started surprisingly late for a Tuesday night and local progressive death metal band WROUGHT OF OBSIDIAN opened up the show with a powerful yet short 20-minute set. Focusing on material from their new album they were able to bust out three powerful songs. 

Despite the fact that their live violinist was unable to actually be at the show, the group used pre-recorded backing tracks to ensure the audience received the full effect of their music. The late start time actually benefited both the players and venue as there was a nice crowd beginning to form by the time their set ended. 

California based, progressive-extreme metal band AENIMUS soon took the stage and wasted no time showcasing their blend of aggressive and melodic tunes. Having been through DFW a few times in the last year, the band has found their groove and had the crowd participating as much as they possibly could. With a solid 30 minutes of stage time they were able to play songs from both of their albums and showed both old and new fans what they were made of.

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS hit the stage hard with a mixture of matching outfits, consisting of black hooded vests, a powerful display of fog and dark lights that managed to somehow make the band look pissed as fuck. Choosing to play nothing but material from their new album Walk Beyond The Dark their set was quite thunderous, despite being nowhere near long enough for the band to properly showcase the new tunes to the fullest extent. So what they did was rely on their most substantial songs to ensure the fans got their money’s worth. 

This is not your typical black metal band and it shows with their live show and stage performance. Ending just shy of their allotted stage time, the band left the stage with an intoxicating backing track of eerie classical style violins playing as they walked off. Overall ABIGAIL WILLIAMS’ set was the best of the night and a huge improvement compared to the last time they were in town. 



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