DORO The Metal Queen: Her 2020 Tour, An Amazing Collaboration Revealed, And More!!

Woo-hoo!! A&GS sat down with our Metal Queen, the one and only DORO once again! Always a pleasure to speak with her, as we spoke of this year’s Monsters of Rock Cruise, her spring U.S. tour and more. Check it:

Amps: So, here we are with interview number nine. I checked the site and we have happily written 14 pieces on you and the band. Let’s have 140 more!

DORO: Hi! So good to talk to you again! 14? 1-4? Wow! That’s so cool! I appreciate that, it’s awesome!

Amps: I will be bringing Mini-Amps to see you in Sellersville, PA in May and we are very excited.

DORO: Oh great! I can’t wait to meet him. I know last time we weren’t able to make that happen because Johnny (Dee, drummer/tour manager) left the tour due to his baby boy coming early. He’s so cute and he’s doing great.

Amps: You’ve got MORC, then all kinds of dates everywhere, including the U.S. run in May. You never stop bringing your fans the metal!

DORO: We are also special guests for SAXON’S 40th anniversary shows, including one in my hometown of Düsseldorf, Germany. It’s gonna be so great.

That kicks off March 7. Then some more European dates and we’re back in the States in April. I’m so excited to play the M3 Rock Festival, too. I’ve always wanted to and now we’re on the bill. We are still supporting the new album so we will play the highlights all the fans want to hear, as well as these latest songs.

Amps: No NYC date this time, huh? Was that due to venues not being available? They seem to be closing left and right, like we’ve talked about.

DORO: I know! Last tour we wanted B.B. King Blues Club and they closed their doors, so we moved it to Highline Ballroom, and then THEY closed. That’s why we wound up in Brooklyn. It was a cool club, but I’m sad because I miss playing in NYC. Gramercy is one of my favorite places to play, so hopefully we can be there again sometime. It’s usually booked half a year in advance, though.

Amps: I saw you recently post a picture of yourself practicing Wing Chun Kung fu. Do you miss it, and will you get back into studying?

DORO: (Laughs) not at the moment because I am working non-stop with the tour. I do miss it, though. I don’t have one day to myself, I don’t take a day off. I’m also busy because I got the rights back to all my records from Calling the Wild, Classic Diamonds, Fight, even the DVDs.

So I want to do a re-release of those, maybe do a Best Of and we’ll call it Magic Diamonds? Maybe we’ll do one of all the ballads. I have so many ideas, maybe even a double CD for a Christmastime release. We’ll see what happens. I would love to relax, but I also love working. I’ll have one day in my Florida place before the cruise. Can I ask you a personal question? What do you think of us maybe releasing a double CD of the ballads?

Amps: Just take my money right now! That’s what I think! I think I can speak for all metalheads when I tell you we’d be VERY excited for that.

DORO: You think they’ll like that? Oh, that’s so cool! I’d love to re-record some of the older ones, like “Love Me In Black.”

Amps: How much time are you spending between Florida, New York, and Germany?

DORO: It depends where we record something. I’ve recorded in New York, New Jersey, Nashville, lots of places. The tour schedule is CRAZY this year. We’re also looking at a South American run; it’s booked, just have to finalize the details before we can put it up on the website. We’re going to Australia later this year, too. 

Amps: How do you like Florida? You know, it’s a lot nicer than coming home to cold NYC, right?

DORO: When it’s warm and the sun is shining down there and I actually get to relax, I love it. But I really miss New York so much. My roommate asked me if I wanted to move back in and I was like, “Ahhhh, I just got this place down here!” But I’ll always have a little home in New York.

Amps: I know you have something cooking with LITA FORD. I’m sure you can’t tell me what exactly yet. But can you give us a hint? Because quite frankly we can’t wait!

DORO: Oh, that’s so cool! Yeah we’re working on something and we recorded something already. It went great! We had Gary Hoey (guitar), and it started because on an earlier MORC photographer Mark Weiss was shooting everybody. LITA and I hit it off right away because we hadn’t seen each other in years. It was such a good feeling. So then when I as asked to induct her into the Hall of Heavy Metal History of course I said, “YES!” it was a total surprise, she had no idea.

So we started talking, and she came up to Las Vegas when I was on tour last year, we talked some more, then we recorded with Gary. It’s a great song, I love it so much. I’m not allowed to say the title yet but it’s a great song! I think we wanna do a video, too.

Amps: I’ve seen LITA live twice and she kicks all kinds of ass!

DORO: Yeah, totally! I think the same. Plus when we were in the studio working she sad so many great ideas. She’s very supportive of what everyone else brings. She’s a great singer and she was smiling the whole time. It was such fun. It was about time we did something together, you know?

Amps: You do know that the WHOLE METAL WORLD wants the two of you to tour together at some point, right?? No pressure, though!

DORO: (Laughs) I would love that, too! I know she’s busy with the upcoming ALICE COOPER tour this summer. But it goes without saying that we will make it happen one day. We will do it, I guarantee it.

Amps: When will you finally relax and take a day or two just to yourself?

DORO: It’s always work, but it doesn’t feel like work. Even the sometimes 20-hour days, because I love the music so much. I love touring, I love the fans, that’s why I am always in such good spirits. When I get to see people are happy at my shows, that’s the best.

Amps: between you, TESTAMENT, SEPULTURA and so many more, 2020 is shaping up to be one of the best concert years yet. Is there anybody you’re excited to see this year?

DORO: I would love to see MEGADETH again. Of course I want to see ALICE COOPER, LITA FORD, and TESLA. I’m hoping to see ACCEPT this year, too.

Amps: I see them for the first time in April.

DORO: For the first time in your life??? Oh, then you HAVE to go!! They are amazing live! I saw them open for JUDAS PRIEST in Germany back in the 80’s, back before I was in WARLOCK. I had to work late, and by the time I picked everybody up and we got there ACCEPT was already on. I was blown away by how awesome they were. They were so fucking great! Wolf Hoffmann on guitar, wait till you see, you’ll love it! I love Mark Tornillo, too. So make sure you go!

Amps: Will you say something to Mini-Amps like you do?

DORO: Of course! Hey Corey, this is DORO. I want to tell you to have a great day. I hope you’re feeling good, and I would LOVE to see you at one of our shows in May. Keep on rockin’, be good, all the best. Lots of love, DORO!

Amps: And now, what would you like to say to all your fans worldwide?

DORO: Oh man, I deeply appreciate all of you for your loyalty, this deep love and friendship we have, and I’d die for metal. I wish everybody the best. Stay healthy, stay metal, stay happy and I can’t wait to see you all on the road this year. Hopefully we can do this for the rest of our live. Thank you, metalheads. Nothing but the best for you.

Amps: Once again DORO, thank you for doing that, it always makes him smile. And thanks for sitting down with me again. Can’t wait for the tour stop in PA.

DORO: Damian, thank you so much! You are one of the best, and I always love when I see you on the interview list. I enjoy our talks, in person or on the phone. Thank you for supporting us and flying the flag for metal! Looking forward to seeing you and Corey! Give him a big hug from me!

Now is the part where I sound like a broken record, but every word is 100% accurate. A truly amazing and talented woman, DORO is The Metal Queen, that is a fact. There is no one in this business that is as genuinely nice, humble,and grateful to everyone, as she is. The fans and family have always come first, and that’s gonna be how she does it forever. Every time she records that little message for Mini-Amps my eyes well up because I know it is genuine and from the heart…just like DORO. You can find dates HERE, so get out there and support the metal Für Immer!!

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