SMACKBOUND is a new metal band from Finland. The band’s story started back in 2015 when the singer and actress Netta Laurenne founded the group. You might have heard her with Amorphis, Lordi, Black Sun, Elvenking etc. She is a classically trained singer who has also studied pop/jazz and folk singing. And yes, she is also an actress.”

Okay, everyone up to speed? Look, I could parrot more of the press release on how everyone came together to form this group, but I’d rather talk about the songs themselves. Quite frankly this band hits hard, and believe me when I tell you the tracks on debut album 20/20 (out now, Frontiers Music) make an impact, each and every one of them. From opener “Wall of Silence” to mid-album track “Those Who Burn” one thing is clear: they have come to play. It’s like the plucky underdog versus the defending champ, and guess what happens? The champ goes home without the belt. SMACKBOUND is very real, and they are gonna kick ass for a long time.

“Drive It Like You Stole It” has a sexy groove, and I guarantee a lot of kids will be conceived to this one, because it’s a song that will make people wanna fuck each other’s brains out. “Close to Sober” manages to be both hauntingly beautiful and hard-hitting lyrically, while “Run” shows just how much this band is capable of. You’ve got an AMARANTHE-type feel, with crunching guitars, plus the drums and bass really bring the whole thing together. “The Game” is one of the record’s most amazing tunes; it truly showcases Laurenne’s vocals. She is a fantastic singer, and knows how to convey emotion. 

I can only use one word to describe “Those Who Burn,” and that word is “vicious.” Man alive, this one fucking kills!! And don’t look now but “Hey Motherfuckers,” which is arguably the record’s best song swings the mallet down upon you. Let’s get it in fast with “Troublemaker,” shall we? This fucker goes hard in the paint and never lets up! Laurenne does her best singing on “Date With the Devil” and holy fuck do the lyrics hit home! “Wind and Water” closes things out on a rather somber, yet rocking note, which is fine if you ask me. All told, I fucking loved this SMACKBOUND debut, and I can’t wait to hear more from them. Go get 20/20 ASAP!!


RATING: 10/10    

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