Serocs – Vore

So here we are once again with SEROCS, a very cool band I got into in 2018 with their last record The Phobos/Deimos Suite. This time around it’s an EP in the form of Vore, out now on Everlasting Spew Records. Over the course of five songs the band puts on a clinic in Technical Death Metal done right, and again the members all shine individually as well as collectively. Right away opener “Anthropic” drives that point home, most notably with Laurent Bellamare’s death growl vocals. He’s a killer, believe me.

“Building a Shrine Upon Vanishing Sands” shows bassist Antoine Daigneault in the driver’s seat before guitarist Antonio Freyre and shifts the song into overdrive with a pair of monstrously blistering solos. During the second one you can also hear Daigneault flawlessly executing some running bass lines. Drummer Kevin Paradis, the MVP from the last album makes a strong case for going all Steve Nash and winning it again, though he’s got stiff competition from Mr. Daigneault. They’re pretty much neck and neck. Without a doubt the best tune on the disc.

A brief interlude in “Shallow Vaults” gives us a brief respite before “The Temple of Knowledge” throws everything including the kitchen sink and microwave at our heads. The word “pummeling” doesn’t even do this one justice. Closing the EP is my other favorite song, “To Self Devour.” The glorious melodic tone featured throughout accentuates the track’s heaviness so beautifully and I absolutely love it. Look, at the end of the day Vore is another excellent outing from SEROCS, and to not grab your copy today would be doing yourself a disservice.



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