Classic Albums: The Union Underground – …An Education In Rebellion

Who remembers getting the Best Buy circular with the local Sunday newspaper back in the day, huh? My favorite part of it was checking out the new artists’ CDs that were available that coming Tuesday. And in 2000 I saw the artwork for the album …An Education In Rebellion from Texas band THE UNION UNDERGROUND. Before I heard a single note I knew I had to have this CD, and before long I did. And once I put it on I knew this was more than a worthwhile purchase. And while the majority of nü-metal was total hot garbage (Stop. You know I’m right), this band rose head and shoulders above their peers. I can’t believe we are 20 years removed from 2000 releases. Welcome to Classic Albums, our very first 2K edition!

Before intros became a requirement in heavy, extreme music “…An Education in Rebellion” was unique, eerie, and atmospheric before the group tore into ‘Drivel.” Bryan Scott’s vocals coupled with Patrick Kennison’s guitars sounded unlike anything I’d heard up to that point and I was instantly enthralled. The obsession only heightened with the opening strains of “South Texas Deathride.” Man, I drove my friends and family nuts singing this one non-stop. Between me screaming, “Why must you fuck with these things in my head for so long that I feel I could break” and “Come on, come on, come on get up! South Texas Deathride, you motherfuck!” it was only a matter of time before they strung me up by my damn thumbs (thankfully they didn’t).

Now we come to my undisputed anthem for the summer of 2000 and the week of OZZFEST 2001 in “Turn Me On “Mr. Deadman”. Holy fuck that one rips and still amps me the fuck up every time I hear it. “Until you crack” and “Killing the Fly” are great show pieces for the rhythm section of John Moyer (bass) and Josh Memelo (drums) and they’re also two killer tracks on an album full of killer tracks. Another favorite from jump was, and still is “Natural High.” That riff totally owns, and the whole song oozes a dirty, sleazy sex appeal combined with an awesome hook. This is immediately followed by the potboiler “Revolution Man,” offering up a change of pace without a change in style.

One of my favorite memories of “Trip With Jesus” is how much a guy I used to work with hated it, which only motivated me to put the album on more and more because I hated him. Come on, how can you hate this one? Oh right, if you’re some Phish-loving hippie like he was, that’s how. I may or may not have screamed the chorus in his face on several occasions. “Bitter” features a creepy intro before rocking our faces off, and then before you know it we’re on closer “The Friend Song.” …an Education In Rebellion packs a serious punch, and it’s one I never get tired of playing. It sucks that THE UNION UNDERGROUND didn’t last, but at least I got to see them live in 2001 with my best friend Joe at OZZFEST. For the many memories of those summers, this will forever be a Classic Album.   ~dc

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