Voracious Scourge – In Death

A funny thing happened not too long ago. I finally checked out the debut album In Death from VORACIOUS SCOURGE and I was blown away within minutes. These guys absolutely fucking destroy! Everything you could want in an old school Brutal Melodic Death Metal band is there in spades, and quite honestly the songs speak for themselves. It’s crazy, because from the minute I pressed PLAY I could tell this was a special record. The balance between the melody and the aggression was right there; you could just feel it. The record also boasts some notable guest stars, but more on that in a bit. Let’s talk tunage!

“Heaven’s Scorched” kicks things off in earnest, delivering a vicious set of body blows, then “Defleshed Messiah” comes in all asses and elbows. There is also a hearty helping of blast beats and chunky-style riffs (my favorite). The actual song titled “Voracious Scourge” is arguably the best song on the disc, and it features guest guitar solos from not one, but TWO killers in James Murphy and Andy LaRocque on the same track. Yis, you read correctly. Two of metal’s most revered players together. The result is something wonderful.

“Mental Enslavement” is one of the heaviest, yet most melodic songs found here, as is title track “In Death,” the latter showcasing some bass gymnastics behind the savage riffage. This was another favorite from jump, by the way. The same can be said for “A Life Condemned.” I love the way the rhythm section is stuck together like a fresh, hot grilled cheese sammich. “Harbinger of Our Own Demise” and “Tank Tread Evisceration” will come down on your collective heads like the business end of a goddamn clawhammer, cracking them open and spilling blood everywhere. 

The album ends with a DEATH cover, specifically “Born Dead,” and I have to tell you that i friggin’ LOVE this version. They did it justice and then some. So all told I was highly impressed with the debut from VORACIOUS SCOURGE. The future looks bright for Death Metal when albums like In Death come around. This is one I can highly recommend. It’s also one I can guarantee you’ll be spinning again and again. It is out now on Massacre Records, so what are you waiting for? Well done, fellas!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “In Death”, “Voracious Scourge”, “A Life Condemned”, “Born Dead”, “Tank Tread evisceration”

RATING: 9/10

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