Sammy Boller – Kingdom Of The Sun

Back in March, right around the time the world went all to Hell and gone, a dynamic and talented young guitarist named SAMMY BOLLER dropped his debut instrumental album Kingdom of the Sun via Candyrat Records. I’d ask how on earth this one escaped me but let’s face it, we were all cooked mentally. Now that I finally sat down with the music I have been pretty much spinning this thing on the daily. The guitar tone is so crisp, yet also fluid. Think ERIC JOHNSON meets JOE SATRIANI and you’ll have an idea of what I’m on about. And the melodies are 100% infectious; songs you’ll want to revisit again and again.

Opener “Kingdom of the Sun” comes in all melodic guns blazing from beginning to end, then “Sunrise Sunset” switches gears for a slower and more deliberate approach. The crazy runs he makes on this one, though, coupled with a solid as a rock keyboard melody behind them…wow! I don’t even know how to describe “Cloak of Light,” but I’ll try. Equal parts beautiful, haunting, and moody, this is definitely one of the album’s best cuts, no question. Elsewhere “Illusions” has the distinction of being one of the record’s fastest tracks, with yet another great melody and killer solos for days. 

But let’s talk about the one-two punch that closes this thing out, yeah? “Mirror of the Heart” will have you rockin’ out while the final number “Awakening From the Daydream” is simply majestic. Not only is it my favorite song on this whole thing, but now one of my favorites of the year. Simply AMAHHHZING!! If ever a tune could make me abuse the REPEAT button it’s this one right here. All in all Kingdom of the Sun is an excellent record, and I cannot wait to see what young SAMMY BOLLER will do with a career that now boasts a debut for the ages. If you don’t own this one, buy it ASAP. you will love it!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Kingdom of the Sun”, “Awakening From the Daydream”, “Cloak of Light”, “Illusions”

RATING: 9/10

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