The Metal Queen DORO Talks Magic Diamonds and More!!

Anytime I’ve had a chance to interview The Metal Queen DORO, ya best believe I’ve taken it. With a mega-release of a Greatest Hits and then some in Magic Diamonds (November 13, Nuclear Blast Records) looming, you already know I had to talk to her. Once again we had a lot of fun, and she was super quick to ask about how Mini-Amps was doing. Check it:

Amps: I bought a ticket to watch one of your drive-in shows over the summer and it was so much fun. Sitting in my living room, drinking beers, and rocking out with you was a great way to spend my Saturday.

DORO: Oh, I’m so glad you did. We did a couple of those and they were awesome. I was happy to get out there and play! Every ticket counts right now, so thank you again.

Amps: So you’re giving the world 56 songs pretty soon. My head is exploding, and I’m sure mine isn’t the only one.

DORO: Yeah, and I’m sure we have some more floating around in my archives. I wanted to do a best of that was maybe 15 songs, and then it was 20, 25, 35, 45, and wound up with 56. Some deep cuts, unreleased versions, some live remixed versions, and some new studio versions.

Amps: The first thing I did when I got it was listen to the 2020 version of “Love Me In Black.” I think it’s great! As you know that’s my all-time favorite from you.

DORO: We redid that one while we were doing the drive-in shows. And one night we recorded it and it turned out great. It’s definitely different from the record, but I think it came out nice. Very glad you like it. 

Amps: I take full responsibility for being at three of your shows and you asked us what the last song should be, and I screamed “Love Me In Black”!!! Because you wound up doing it.

DORO: I love when people call out the songs during the encores and you just know it’s the right song in the right spot. Sometimes I feel with the encores we’re just getting started!

Amps: Well usually you end with a banger, but this song is totally perfect as a closer. By the way the live version of “Revenge” is hotter than the sun!

DORO: We did so many recordings last tour, and that was one that really got the people headbanging and moving. I love that version.

Amps: What’s crazy is you told me back in February that you might be doing a compilation called Magic Diamonds, but nothing was official yet. 

DORO: I didn’t really tell anyone but you, my engineer, and a few key people. No one knew this was coming. You were one of the rare people I told.

Amps: I told no one except my best friend back in Long island!!

DORO: Damian, how is Corey? I need to know!

Amps: He is wonderful. He just went back to school and he is sooooooo happy!

DORO: That’s great that he is getting to see his friends again, and getting out of the house. 

Amps: We’ve all been locked down, so what are you listening to that moves you right now?

DORO: I got the box set of MOTÖRHEAD’S Ace of Spades, and it’s beautiful! Also, I’m listening to a lot of AC/DC, and I love the new song! And of course I’m listening to a lot of VAN HALEN since Eddie Van Halen just died. We toured together one time and it was awesome to see Eddie live from the side of the stage every night. It sucks when we lose so many of our heroes. 

Amps: So, Amps and Green Screens as a print webzine is going away. My wife, Mrs. Amps, who created this thing, has something in the works for me. She won’t tell me what it is, but here we are. And our interview will be the last one we put up. We’re not taking the site down, but we’re just not gonna be active.

DORO: I know whatever you do is gonna be great, but I’m sad at the same time. I can totally imagine how it is to work full time and take care of Corey. But I know whatever you do next is gonna be awesome!

Amps: So when Magic Diamonds comes out, what would you hope the listener takes away from it?

DORO: I would like them to feel a lot of power and energy, to feel empowered. This year has been so crazy so I want to give everyone a good message and that I hope the songs make everyone feel really good. I hope they love the metal songs, the anthems, the deep cuts, and the ballads. If you wanna rock out and headbang, or if you want to just enjoy the songs, I think you’ll like this.

Amps: Can you do what you do and say something to Corey?

DORO: Hey Corey, it’s me DORO! I hope you’re doing good. Stay rockin’, stay metal! All we are, and all my love, Fur Immer. I hope I can meet you soon, and big hugs from DORO!!

Amps: What do you want to say to all your fans out there in the world?

DORO: I love all you guys and girls. I thank you so much for all the support all these years. I love you more than anything in this world, and I hope you stay healthy, which is most important. I hope I get to see you soon, and I I wish everybody the best, and to keep rockin’. Stay metal, and All We Are!! Lots of love to you all!

Amps: DORO, I can’t thank you enough for all the love you have shown us and all the messages you’ve recorded for Mini-Amps. It has been an honor and a privilege to interview you and cover your albums and live shows.

DORO: I would be honored to be part of what you do next. And lots of love to Corey!! Give him a big hug and all my love!! I am always so happy to talk with you, Damian. 

Amps and Green Screens is signing off as a print magazine today. I want to thank all of you who have read, and commented on our stuff. We love all of you. I felt it was important to have DORO as my last interview. Considering how much you all know my obsession with her, are you really surprised? Plus, she always loves Mini-Amps, so there is that. Once again, I thank all you beautiful people so, so much…

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