Butcher Babies, Infected Rain, and Stitched Up Heart Live at 1720!! – Los Angeles, CA 10/7/2021

I am still over the moon with this tour package…BUTCHER BABIES, INFECTED RAIN, and STITCHED UP HEART. I’ve waited years to see both support bands, and BB is always a fun and energetic show. I will be honest, though; when I found it was at the venue 1720, I almost did not go. This place is in an area that people should not park in unless you luck out and get one of the dozen spots right in front of the door where security is outside standing guard. Plus, the cost of Uber/Lyft and public transport is not cheap. But that should tell you how badly I wanted to see all of these bands. There have been increased efforts to ensure all patrons are safe and have an enjoyable time, so thank you 1720.

First up was LA’s STITCHED UP HEART. I first discovered this irresistible alt-metal foursome when I was living in Portland years ago. I was instantly captivated by massive instrumentals, vocals that catch you and leave you singing for days, and the varieties of undertones that deviate from metal. Every tour that came around though, unfortunately, I was on the road touring. I was pumped to be home to catch them finally and they did not disappoint! The crowd was singing along and headbanging, the air electric. Lead Vocalist Alecia Mixi Demner is a commanding vocalist, with phenomenal bandmates James Decker (Drums), Randy Mathias (Bass/Vocals), and Merritt Goodwin (Guitar). The set included some new and old tracks, but personal faves, “Warrior,” “Catch Me When I Fall,” “My Demon,” and a few more that will leave you starving for more. 

Next up was INFECTED RAIN from Moldova. Frontwoman Lena Scissorhands is nothing but an inspiration. She puts her soul into every lyric written, wanting nothing but to touch another soul and help them escape. With band members Vadim “Vidick” Ojog (Guitar), Vladimir Babici (Bass), Serghei Babici (Guitar), and Eugen Voluta (Drums), you can expect heavy rhythm and guitar tones to go with Lena’s mighty vocals. The music is intoxicating and genuinely helps the crowd escape. For the moment, there was no pandemic (vaccinations or negative covid tests were required upon entry). It was a crowd of fans and friends moshing and headbanging and singing. I hope they play here again soon. This was their first show in LA and their first US tour. 

Wrapping the night was LA locals, BUTCHER BABIES. These babes need no intro if you are a part of the metal world. Vocalists Heidi Shepard and Carla Harvey will spellbind anyone that watches them live. For years I heard nothing but people slamming the band; please do not listen to a single word of their nonsense. Go see them and form your own conclusion. The unmerciful and captivating vocals of Heidi and Carla combined with Henry Flury (Guitar), Ricky Bonazza (Bass), and Chase Brickenden (Drums) are pure awesomeness. Go ahead and Google the group. One of the questions is “Are Butcher Babies Good?” The answer is spot on. “They’re pretty awesome. They have released four albums throughout their career, and they’ve been nominated for two Grammys so far.” I will always enjoy seeing these metal powerhouses on the stage each and every time. 

For those that went to the Butcher Babies vs. Goliath tour, I know you understand just how unique and unforgettable this one was. For those who could not attend for one reason or another, please put each of these bands on your radar and check them out now! I still have my head in the clouds from this show. I cried some from seeing the bands, seeing friends, and watching the crowd escape the world while inside the doors at 1720. This is what so many of us needed. Thank you to all the bands and crew that made this phenomenal show happen. We are happy to have live music back.


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