Strap in and Hold On Tight!

Doro Live 2

Me with The Metal Queen, DORO! \m/ \m/

Music is the soundtrack to my life. Every memory I have, both good and bad, has a song, an album, or a live show attached to it. I spent years as a singer in several bands, and had the time of my life, while making some lifelong friends.

Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Country are my favorite genres, but I’ll give almost anything a once-over. Some of my favorite artists include: KISS, DORO, Sevendust, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Amon Amarth, INXS, Queensryche, Miranda Lambert, Rob Zombie, Carrie Underwood, A Silent Film, The Killers, Halestorm, DIO, Black Sabbath, King’s X…well, I could go on and on.

Here you’ll find album and live show reviews, some Top 5 lists, and rants about the state of music today.

I am also a big TV guy. If the writing is good, and the story compelling, chances are I’ll watch it, and write about it.

I have no formal training, nor do I consider myself the be all end all. I am just a fan of music and television who likes to talk about it. Join me, won’t you? My opinions will not always be popular, but they are all mine, and I welcome yours.

8 comments to “Strap in and Hold On Tight!”
8 comments to “Strap in and Hold On Tight!”
    • My curiosity is definitely aroused. However, I am concerned that it is an NBC midseason replacement. Would rather have seen it on FX. I will definitely be tuning in on Thursday and hope for the best. That said, this is what happened with The Following and now I wish I hadn’t even started it.

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